An Ethereal Place I Visited in Dreamland

There was a recurring dream I had as a child that took place in a beautiful, mysterious place unlike anywhere I’ve seen on Earth. I don’t recall many dreams from childhood, but this recurring dream I’m about to recall remains very vivid in my memory.

I cannot remember exactly how many times it happened, but I remember one of the last times I had this dream, when I was around 7 or 8 years old, I woke up with a strange feeling because I knew it wasn’t the first time I had the same exact dream. Although I didn’t exactly consider the idea of interpreting dreams as a young child, I still felt that the dream must have had some significance.

The dream started out the same way every time. My family (which included my mom, my maternal grandmother, my sister, and my brother) and I were in darkness, being led to a door. As the door was opening, I felt a sense of nervousness of what was beyond it. Once the door was opened, we stepped onto a very small platform that was connected to the door, yet the door and the platform were high up in the air with nothing underneath them. Attached to one edge of the platform was a long, winding yellow slide that appeared to go down and further down with no end in sight. I remember standing on the platform next to my family and looking around at this place feeling both amazed and slightly scared because this place looked so unusual. It was a large open space filled with a thick haze/mist that was an intense shade of pink. Here are a couple of pictures that remind me of the pink haze:

pink haze 4 pink haze 5

I also remember in the dream, I looked like I was between 4 to 6 years old, and I wore a light pink denim jacket with a yellow star on the sleeve similar to this:


As we stood there, crowded next to each other on that tiny platform high in the air, we knew that we had to go down the slide because going back to the door did not seem like an option for some reason. Part of me felt scared about going down the slide, but I also felt safe having my family next to me. We all sat down at the top of the slide and pushed ourselves down. The first couple seconds were scary, but then I felt exhilarated and was smiling and laughing as we rode down the slide together. That was the end of the dream.

Through the years, I’ve wondered about the possible meaning of that dream. Did I visit another realm/dimension in that dream? Will I ever get to visit that place again, perhaps when my soul leaves this body? If that place does not exist, what did that experience of going down the slide represent?

I once considered the idea that my dream reflects the process of being born into this world. The darkness I saw before the door was opened could be thought of as existence within the mother’s womb. Then like a baby being pushed out of the birth canal, we were led out of the darkness into a strange land/world. The baby is initially terrified once it is outside the mother’s body, but then it seeks comfort through the presence and love of family, just as I felt secure having my family next to me on the platform. Once the baby has been born, it cannot go back to the womb, just as we couldn’t go back through the door. The only option is to go down the sometimes scary and sometimes exhilarating journey of life that appears to wind around and around with no end in sight, just like the infinitely winding slide.

Another interpretation I’ve considered is that the family members who were present in the dream are part of a soul group I’m in, and that experience in the dream was symbolic of our souls leaving the spirit realm to travel to Earth. I’m not so sure about that interpretation, but I like to consider various possibilities.

One thing is for sure, and it’s that I hope the beautiful pink hazy place exists so I can visit it again. Have you visited any unusual or unearthly places in dreamland?


7 thoughts on “An Ethereal Place I Visited in Dreamland

  1. You may well be right with the thought of a soul group within your family.. often we are part of a group.. It sounds as if you understood much of your dream, and I thank you for following Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary, I am only just now getting caught up with my new subscribers..

    Love and Blessings Sue xx


    • If those family members in the dream are in fact part of my soul group, I find it interesting that certain family members, like my dad and my other grandparents, were not present. I wonder if that’s a clue that they’re not part of my soul group. Maybe I’ll understand this mystery sometime later. Thanks for reading and commenting! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, old buddy πŸ™‚ I’m still alive and well. I’ve kind of pulled away from things lately, spending a lot of my time studying and doing research in an effort to get closer to the truth of things…How are you? Want to do a skype session soon?


      • Sure. Just tell me the day and time. Hey, maybe you should install some new messenger again (like msn)? if skype seems too big and complicated πŸ˜›


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