Still Seeking Answers 14 Years Later

911 truth2

Let us take a moment to remember the people who died on September 11th, 2001. Many people were warned not to show up to work that day. Others were not so lucky. It is one of the biggest tragedies that many of us have witnessed in this lifetime. 9/11 was the event that helped a lot of people begin waking up to the truth about what’s going on within our government, but how sad it is that so many innocent lives had to be lost in order for us to begin seeing the truth.

There is much evidence to suggest that these people did not die because of terrorism. There is likely a darker, much more sinister explanation behind it. Many experts and family members of the victims have wanted answers and further investigations into what really happened that day. To honor those who died, I believe it is our duty to keep questioning and not believe the lies we’ve been told.


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