Are animals attracted to a certain vibration?

I love sunshine and warm weather, so as soon as the temps started rising in March of this year, I have wanted to spend a lot of my time walking and relaxing in nature. I’ve been living in a coastal city for a few years and always enjoyed visiting the beach, but lately I seek places that are more secluded and less likely to attract tourists. In the past year, it’s been really hard and overwhelming sometimes to be among a crowd of people, so I usually try to go to the local parks at times when few people are likely to be there.

A couple weeks ago, I discovered a park a few minutes away from my place and have already visited it a few times since then. During my second visit there, I found a wonderful secluded spot by the lake where the trees and brush have been cleared enough for me to spread out a blanket to sit and read a book or take in the scenery. When I found this spot, I saw a group of four large yellow and black butterflies on the ground right near the water’s edge. Out of curiosity, I approached them, and all but one butterfly flew away. This one that stayed allowed me to touch it several times.

On Wednesday, I went back to the same spot by the water, and this time a smaller dark brown butterfly with a small white and orange spot kept landing on my shoes. I was able to touch this one, too. Every time someone would walk past us, the butterfly would fly away and return back to my shoes once the person was out of sight. During the last hour that I sat there, the butterfly spent more than half the time either on my shoes or on the bag that was next to me on the blanket.

They’re not the best quality, but here are a couple of the photos I managed to capture:

A few months ago, back in April, I had a dream in which a guy who owned a spiritual goods store announced to all the customers that I was the queen of butterflies. It was significant to me because butterflies are associated with metamorphosis and the dramatic transformations we go through during a spiritual awakening. I was having a difficult time yesterday with feeling so isolated and disconnected from almost everyone around me, so maybe my beautiful little friend came over to sit with me to remind me that I will continue growing and evolving. These beautiful creatures successfully made their transition from the old into the new just as we are capable of doing the same if we embrace the changes.

It made me start wondering why some people appear to attract animals more than others. Animals are sensitive to energy, and it doesn’t take long to realize that when you put hyper children around a cat. At the cat adoption center where I volunteer, most of the cats will gather around me to receive affection. As soon as a family with small children enters, the cats often scatter to various corners, while some hide underneath the cages. Sometimes the children will ask me why the cats seem so scared. I guess most children don’t quite understand how important it is to lower your energy around certain animals since many of them gravitate toward someone with a calm, gentle presence. As crazy as it seems now, I remember catching wild kittens and bringing them into the house when I was very young. I think I’ve always had an ability to get along well with cats.

My boyfriend and I have noticed that when we go to a park, animals, such as geese and ducks, tend to stay near us while they avoid everyone else. We stopped by a local gift shop for the first time not too long ago and discovered that the owner keeps two cats there. An employee warned us that the black female cat isn’t friendly toward people, but she turned into a purring love machine once I petted her, and she continued to follow us out the store as we were leaving. My boyfriend and I are both reserved and introverted, so maybe animals feel more comfortable and trusting around people who give off a more mellow vibe. Maybe they can also sense pureness and kindness in someone’s heart that makes them feel more loving and social toward certain humans. Whatever the explanation is, I am grateful for moments when I am able to connect with one of Mother Earth’s creatures.

The other topic I briefly wanted to mention is spirit animals. I have noticed how certain animals will repeatedly appear in my life for several days, weeks, or months at a time. I saw hawks frequently all last year. I saw lizards frequently a month ago. In these past few weeks, it’s been butterflies. I see dragonflies from time to time, as well. When we repeatedly see a certain type of animal that seems drawn to us, I believe it is worth looking into a possible message that the universe is trying to communicate to us through nature. Just like synchronicities, these subtle messages from the universe are frequently being sent to us, but you must remain aware to notice them.

Has anyone else noticed how animals seem to be more attracted to certain people? What do you think explains it? Have you noticed any specific animals that frequently appear in your life?


21 thoughts on “Are animals attracted to a certain vibration?

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
    Really amazing that you could touch the butterfly.
    I also notice the occurrence of spirit animals. The universe is very insistent about getting a message across. For me, magpies come up frequently. There was a time when a user joined a forum where I was active. And his name was magpie. And then I saw someone who had magpie written on his T-shirt. So, magpies are trying to tell me something. Probably that I should write more. Just before writing my last post (-about why it is important to love oneself first), I sat there and pondered whether to write or not to write. Then the magpies started to make a hell a lot of noise in my garden. I said, ” Ok, guys, I got the the message” . And then I wrote the post.

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    • Yes, I was surprised that I was able to touch not just one but two butterflies within the same week! Maybe those are some human-loving butterflies out at that park.
      How cool that you keep seeing magpies! I felt quite silly having to google what a magpie looks like because I don’t ever see them in my region of the US. And hey, maybe you’re onto something when you say it’s a sign you should write more šŸ™‚ One website says that a magpie represents “the significance of voice.”

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  2. Hello, I feel like animals are attracted to me wherever I go. Sometimes I feel like it’s a sign from nature because one time I had a hawk sitting by my window staring at me for the whole day and a friend told me that hawks are very spiritual animals. I just wanted to know if you have any idea of what it means.
    Thank you.


    • Hi there, I apologize for taking so long to reply to your comment. Your friend is right, hawks are considered an important spirit animal with a powerful message! When you see them repeatedly, it could mean your consciousness/awareness is expanding. Because they fly high in the sky to get a broad view of their surroundings, they remind us of the value of seeing the big picture. Maybe you are beginning to see things more clearly or would benefit from trusting any visions or intuitions you are having lately. Interestingly, the year my spiritual awakening began (2014), I saw hawks so frequently! I still see them sometimes (saw one earlier today while sitting outside), but they were making quite an appearance in my life a while back. Thanks for commenting šŸ™‚


  3. People always laugh when i say it but when they see i laugh. Fish. Unless its a pool the fish will find me some nibble some bite some thump jump or swarm. Ocean everytime schools come in and theres the big guy mulling around and around i just go zen and try to think wood pylon while watching his fin and dodging fish jumpin in my face. Deer like me too. Ive been stalked by bucks. Needless to say i dont go deep sea fishing for fear the other people may use me as bait. Most animals tend to come to me .. But the fish and deer thing is kinda crazy lol no skinny dipping in natural waters nope not explaining fish bites on the bits to a dr again


  4. If I were to take the time, I could probably write a book about all of the different strange and different encounters I’ve had with animals. The first time I knew I was “different” was on my first (and only) hunting trip, at age 12. I was at a hunting cabin with my buddy and his dad. I have 3 pictures to prove my story. We were eating breakfast around a campfire. The first picture is of a 14pt buck standing about 10 feet behind me. The 2nd is of the buck eating cheerios out of my hand. The 3rd is me standing next to this beautiful animal, my arm around its neck, as I am looking thru its rack at my friend’s dad. I’ve never even tried to go hunting again…I’m not against it, but I have some kind of ‘unfair’ advantage.

    When I was an Artillery Scout in the United States Marine Corps, my buddies all called me “Dr. Doolittle” because every time we “went to the field” (military-style camping), I would always wake up with various wildlife very near or even snuggling with me. Everything from birds, to lizards and snakes, to chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, deer, one skunk, one porcupine, one bobcat, and one black bear.

    I’ve never claimed to be able to ‘talk’ to them, or that I know what they’re thinking, or anything “special” like that, other than for some unknown reason, they love me.

    I currently live in Las Vegas, but my work takes me into the desert on a regular basis. On many occasions, movement will catch my eye. I stop, squat or sit down, and within minutes, whatever it was will be on me, or letting me touch it. Out here, I get plenty of lizards, jack rabbits, pronghorns, and tarantulas. (Having a wild tarantula crawl right up your hand and perch itself on your shoulder is pretty damn awesome!!)

    The one thing I’ve never done, is research “why?”. I’ve recently read all kinds of posts about “studying the animals”, to energy, to psychic ability, to salty sweat. So far, they’ve all left me without an answer…I’ve never studied animals or there behaviors, I was a US Marine, and am now a telecommunications technician, so my energy is high and fast, instead of calm, I’ve never read people’s thoughts, or talked to ghosts, and why would lizards and snakes be attracted to my sweat?

    Anyway, I am just starting on my journey of learning. Figured I would share my experience. Any thoughts or ideas?

    Semper Fidelis,


    • Hi Sully,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences here. You must be giving off some special kind of energy to be attracting that many animals! It sounds really abnormal yet awesome. I don’t think I’ve known anyone with such a wide range of animal experiences. A couple of days ago at a park, a goose got so close to me that it accidentally nibbled on my shoe while it was eating grass, and two dragonflies landed on my journal as I was writing in it. I will not claim to know exactly why things like this are happening, but I’m leaning towards the theory of energy/vibrations. The salty sweat explanation doesn’t make sense to me. I suspect either some people emit a certain energy that attracts animals, or there has been some kind of energy shift going on that is making animals more interested in being around humans. Whatever is going on, I think it’s pretty exciting! Enjoy your gift! šŸ™‚ It sounds like you’re somehow more in tune with the natural world than the average person. That’s very cool in my book.


      • It IS very cool. I never really thought about it until my fiancee started me on this journey a few months ago. We went to Virginia to visit my folks; I grew up in the hills/mountains of western VA. While we were there, we took a trip to see Colonial Williamsburg. We were sitting on a bench, watching the squirrels play and frolic near by. She got up to throw away some trash. When she turned around, her jaw hit the ground…I had 6 squirrels ON me. One was even sitting on my shoulder, GROOMING my moustache! Unfortunately, just as Janet started to record this, a young kid came running and screaming towards me, and they all scrambled. That’s when she told me I HAD to look into this…to find out why I am so special.


      • I wish I knew of a particular group you could contact who would be interested in exploring this phenomenon. It’s one thing to have a squirrel come close, but I’ve never seen squirrels out in the wild get on a person. Animals clearly feel very safe around you, which leads me to believe there must be something really unique about your energy.


  5. It’s true that animals can sense a kind, non-dangerous spirit, but they also sense that you are calm because you are being true to who you are. Chaos (hyperactivity) in the wild usually represents a predatory chase. If you’ll notice once an animal is comfortable around you, then it will get excited by your excited energy and play, but this is after it has come to know you.


  6. There is something which is called the smell of righteousness or of the just. Animals can establish the distinction between holy men, women and other. When for exemple Daniel had been thrown in the lion’s den, they did not him. Jesus also in the lost book was attracting animals such as lions, crocodiles. Someone who is in the path of the Higher Self has the ability to attract even wild beasts. I want to have this ability. I think that there are stages that can help one achieve it. Like for example being vegan because contrary to popular belief animals can make the distinction between someone who eats flesh and a vegetarian. But there is a price to pay. I have always remarked that someone who has a close connection to animals are of often misunderstood by people of society. Why? Difference of communication. People who love nature have better potential to reach it like you said. While you are progressing on your spiritual path a lot of people Will hate you. But on the other side, you Will gain new friends (animals). The absence of something is sometimes the presence of another thing (the sixth sense of the blind for example). But you know. It is better to have a rare ability than to have an ability shared by the majority. In this case a curse (rejection from society in exchange of telepathic relations with animals) can also be a blessing. Take care!!!!


    • Thank you so much for this comment! Your perspective helps me view things in a positive light. Just as you guessed, I too often feel like an outsider and don’t connect well with most people. I go through periods of questioning what it is that makes me feel so different from most people I encounter. I can never pinpoint anything concrete. I just assume it must come down to having a certain frequency that doesn’t resonate with what most people are projecting. But with animals, I feel so much more connected and at ease in their presence. There is fakery, no masks, no useless small talk, and no need to impress. They simply experience the present moment and will sometimes share a loving connection with someone they trust. I wish more humans would learn from animals by dropping attachment to ego and live a quieter, simpler life in tune with nature. If I had to choose between connecting better with humans or animals, I’d no doubt choose animals.


  7. I seem to attract white animals! My Dad got me a white German Shepherd as a child, I’ve had white cats stray into me in every house I’ve lived in. And when I took up horse riding, they only put me on their only two grey/white horses! I’m always wondering what is the connection with white animals???


  8. Animals are often attracted to natural healers. As you learn to accept your gifts they tend to be even more likely to seek you out. Animals are the purest of souls not tainted by ego so the more enlightened we are the smaller our ego becomes as well. So maybe its a combination of small ego AND a healer if you attract many šŸ™‚ The sick and wounded animals always seem to find their way to me to be helped so after years I finally admitted to myself I am a healer and not just good with animals lol. Now that I have acknowledged it I am curious to see if more find me or what else becomes apparent to me that was hidden due to my being in denial.


    • Jessica, I think that’s a strong possibility. I don’t yet identify with being a healer, but I bet animals can pick up on the more loving, higher vibration that someone with a smaller ego is projecting. Perhaps that’s the kind of energy that feels natural to them, so they stop looking at us as a potential threat in their environment when we start resonating more with nature’s frequencies. I hope you can continue helping the little wounded creatures, and thank you for sharing your perspective!


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