It’s a Challenging Time for Lightworkers

lightworker2To my kindred souls out there who feel like they might be a lightworker, do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the world’s problems, perhaps to the point that you feel like we are failing our mission? For almost every list I have ever found on the internet that describes the key characteristics of a lightworker, I met nearly all the criteria.

There’s the idea that lightworkers chose, before birth, to come here to help heal humanity and the planet. Yesterday, I asked my boyfriend why on earth I would have volunteered to come to this planet at this particular time to try to help a situation that sometimes seems so daunting and hopeless. He doesn’t resonate much with the lightworker description and jokingly said he’s probably been put here as punishment. I think of it less as punishment and more as an opportunity to learn and grow, but I can see why some people aren’t exactly thrilled about being here during this particular phase.

If you identify as a lightworker, it’s important to be positive and not give up hope, but I think it’s normal and reasonable to have those moments where it feels like we are facing an almost impossible task of removing the veils and lifting humanity out of darkness. As long as people remain oblivious or indifferent to what is really going on in the world, I can see how they stay pretty upbeat. Ignorance is bliss, right?

For those of you who are educated about the dangers of GMOs and glysophate in our food supply, the chemtrails in our skies, all the toxins like mercury and aluminum that are in vaccines, the banning of natural cancer cure treatments, the manufactured wars, the false flag events, the agendas behind all the recent fake shootings, the suspicious deaths of truth seekers and holistic doctors, the dumbing down of modern mainstream music and entertainment, and the countless other attacks against humanity, I can see why you might feel angry, frustrated, and/or depressed. Facing the truth of what is being done to humanity should not make you feel warm and happy inside. If you’re empathic and sensitive like I am, humanity’s suffering can cause immense suffering for you, too.

There are times when I feel really inspired and hopeful, but there are also days when I feel overwhelmed and sad about the ways in which humanity has devolved and lost its connection to nature and the knowledge of who we really are. Sometimes I find it difficult to detach from all these emotions, and I’m not sure I want to learn how to detach completely because I sincerely believe humanity needs committed healers right now who are involved, motivated, and determined to make a difference. Can such a small group of people really have a significant influence on the future of humanity? I honestly can’t answer that, but I believe we might as well die trying instead of turning away and remaining part of the problem.

I think one of the other big challenges that many lightworkers face is a feeling that they’re different from others and never really fit in wherever they go. Many people who consider themselves lightworkers say they don’t feel like they belong on Earth. This is something that I strongly relate to. People have frequently pointed out that I seem weird and quite different from the norm. Conforming hasn’t worked well for me, and I don’t think it works well for anyone who is interested in living an authentic life. Because of our struggle to find like-minded people, many of us have learned to embrace solitude, which can be advantageous to our spiritual growth since it provides us plenty of opportunities to look within. However, the lack of social connections can be especially problematic for lightworkers because we’re often carrying a lot of weight on our shoulders without enough emotional support from others when we feel overwhelmed.

Whether you consider yourself a lightworker or not, I believe many people who are awakening to truth and following the spiritual path are confronting some difficult, painful stuff at this time. I know firsthand how easy it is to become overwhelmed by the world’s problems and to feel like most people around you don’t care or understand. Humanity has fallen way out of alignment with love and truth, which isn’t something that’s easy for most of us to accept. We have to remain strong, though, if we hope to spread our love and light to others. This is a challenging time for many, but it provides an opportunity for tremendous growth.

My fellow lightworkers who are having a difficult time right now, you may find some sense of solace in this video:


2 thoughts on “It’s a Challenging Time for Lightworkers

  1. Nice post and well summarized. I’ve never heard the term ‘lightworker burnout’ – so are the LIGHTS burning out? 😉 Even though I don’t like the label ‘lightworker’ that much, I completely agree. It’s not just the ‘spiritual growing pains’ aka ‘ascension symptoms’ we need to deal with, a lot of us are now getting burnt out which causes additional ‘symptoms’. Thank you for this enligthening post! It does resonate a lot. Aaaah and thank you for becoming another one of us – in the sharing of our personal journeys and connecting souls in difficult times.
    Love and Light, Gia

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    • Thank you, Gia! I wasn’t aware of “lightworker burnout” either, but I definitely see it happening to those who are informed and deeply concerned about all these changes going on right now. Interestingly, I’ve recently been working on a post about coping with burnout and will publish it soon. I’m glad you pointed out that some people, like myself, are simultaneously experiencing ascension symptoms AND burnout. It’s like a double whammy of challenges, but I think it’s helping us learn a lot of lessons all at once. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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