4 thoughts on “Mental Illness, Hallucinations, and the Spirit Realm

  1. Personally, my friend and I have experiences shared (and with her 2 other friends who I no longer wish to associate) “visions” and can, with much energy, practice, and will, summon beings from the realm we both see into our vessels. Does this mean we have Multiple Personalities? Slightly. With the recent release of the movie SPLIT, my friend and I were apprehensive about what the movie would show, since we experience something of the like. Chopping it up to personalities is a terror. They’re people. Each with their own health, height, appearance, personality yes, etc. She can tell one of my (we’ll call them) mates something, but I will have no clue about it until it is revealed. The movie SPLIT does have one thing that we both have in common with the main character “Kevin”. Trauma. Depression. Anxiety. Does this make our mates any less real? We feel them, see them, hear them. Though, it is hard at times, because this Earthly world dislikes the invocation of these other beings. And no, they’re not all human. If you wish to learn or discuss more, please fill free to get a hold of me.


    • Makayla, I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to reply to your comment. It basically sounds like you and your friend are channeling spirits, correct? I don’t doubt that some people have this ability. I hope you’re being careful about what kind of spirits you’re allowing into your space. I’m not all that knowledgeable about the different types of entities, but from what I’ve learned, some of them seem deceptive and try to feed off human energy. They’re sometimes called archons. Anyway, I think it’s important to use discernment and stay aware of what kind of effects spirits might have on humans. Stay safe, and thank you for commenting.


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