Are animals attracted to a certain vibration?

I love sunshine and warm weather, so as soon as the temps started rising in March of this year, I have wanted to spend a lot of my time walking and relaxing in nature. I’ve been living in a coastal city for a few years and always enjoyed visiting the beach, but lately I seek places that are more secluded and less likely to attract tourists. In the past year, it’s been really hard and overwhelming sometimes to be among a crowd of people, so I usually try to go to the local parks at times when few people are likely to be there.

A couple weeks ago, I discovered a park a few minutes away from my place and have already visited it a few times since then. During my second visit there, I found a wonderful secluded spot by the lake where the trees and brush have been cleared enough for me to spread out a blanket to sit and read a book or take in the scenery. When I found this spot, I saw a group of four large yellow and black butterflies on the ground right near the water’s edge. Out of curiosity, I approached them, and all but one butterfly flew away. This one that stayed allowed me to touch it several times.

On Wednesday, I went back to the same spot by the water, and this time a smaller dark brown butterfly with a small white and orange spot kept landing on my shoes. I was able to touch this one, too. Every time someone would walk past us, the butterfly would fly away and return back to my shoes once the person was out of sight. During the last hour that I sat there, the butterfly spent more than half the time either on my shoes or on the bag that was next to me on the blanket.

They’re not the best quality, but here are a couple of the photos I managed to capture:

A few months ago, back in April, I had a dream in which a guy who owned a spiritual goods store announced to all the customers that I was the queen of butterflies. It was significant to me because butterflies are associated with metamorphosis and the dramatic transformations we go through during a spiritual awakening. I was having a difficult time yesterday with feeling so isolated and disconnected from almost everyone around me, so maybe my beautiful little friend came over to sit with me to remind me that I will continue growing and evolving. These beautiful creatures successfully made their transition from the old into the new just as we are capable of doing the same if we embrace the changes.

It made me start wondering why some people appear to attract animals more than others. Animals are sensitive to energy, and it doesn’t take long to realize that when you put hyper children around a cat. At the cat adoption center where I volunteer, most of the cats will gather around me to receive affection. As soon as a family with small children enters, the cats often scatter to various corners, while some hide underneath the cages. Sometimes the children will ask me why the cats seem so scared. I guess most children don’t quite understand how important it is to lower your energy around certain animals since many of them gravitate toward someone with a calm, gentle presence. As crazy as it seems now, I remember catching wild kittens and bringing them into the house when I was very young. I think I’ve always had an ability to get along well with cats.

My boyfriend and I have noticed that when we go to a park, animals, such as geese and ducks, tend to stay near us while they avoid everyone else. We stopped by a local gift shop for the first time not too long ago and discovered that the owner keeps two cats there. An employee warned us that the black female cat isn’t friendly toward people, but she turned into a purring love machine once I petted her, and she continued to follow us out the store as we were leaving. My boyfriend and I are both reserved and introverted, so maybe animals feel more comfortable and trusting around people who give off a more mellow vibe. Maybe they can also sense pureness and kindness in someone’s heart that makes them feel more loving and social toward certain humans. Whatever the explanation is, I am grateful for moments when I am able to connect with one of Mother Earth’s creatures.

The other topic I briefly wanted to mention is spirit animals. I have noticed how certain animals will repeatedly appear in my life for several days, weeks, or months at a time. I saw hawks frequently all last year. I saw lizards frequently a month ago. In these past few weeks, it’s been butterflies. I see dragonflies from time to time, as well. When we repeatedly see a certain type of animal that seems drawn to us, I believe it is worth looking into a possible message that the universe is trying to communicate to us through nature. Just like synchronicities, these subtle messages from the universe are frequently being sent to us, but you must remain aware to notice them.

Has anyone else noticed how animals seem to be more attracted to certain people? What do you think explains it? Have you noticed any specific animals that frequently appear in your life?


Healing Bipolar Disorder Naturally is Possible

*Disclaimer: The information contained in this post is provided for educational purposes only. You assume full responsibility for how you choose to use this information. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or discontinuing an existing treatment.*

healOne of the biggest issues with mental illness is our lack of understanding of what causes it. The majority of people look to psychiatrists and psychologists for answers, but even these “experts” cannot provide a definitive answer regarding the origin of mental illness. They can spout the same information that I read in textbooks as a psychology student that told us how genetics and environmental factors play a role, but those explanations fall short when it comes to understanding what mental illness really is and how we can overcome it.

Unfortunately, most mental health professionals and their clients are brainwashed into believing that there is no cure for certain mental disorders. Then making the situation seem even more hopeless, clients/patients are told they will probably need to take medication for the rest of their life. When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 20, I heard that same story about how important it is to be compliant and take lithium for possibly the rest of my life to avoid another episode. I was a good little patient and remained compliant for about five or six years, but as I drastically transformed my diet and took my health into my own hands, I started becoming very turned off by the idea of putting something toxic into my body every day without knowing what kind of damage the medication might have been doing to my organs. Now, I am completely medication free without any bipolar symptoms.

Before I get too deep into anything, let me first mention that if you are currently taking medication for bipolar disorder or are considering it, I cannot tell you what is the best course of action for you. We individually have different reactions to medications and treatments, so what works for me may not be suitable for you. If you feel that taking medication is the best option for you right now, go for it. I remember how scary and painful it was to suffer from severe mood swings, and I believe medication truly helped me for a while. Some people who’ve never suffered from mental illness get on a high horse and almost seem to imply that we are creating our suffering and just need to try a little harder to feel better. If I somehow come across that way at any point, please remember that I’ve had my own struggles with depression and mood instability and am very sensitive to the struggles that others experience. Also, I feel it’s important to mention that if you decide you don’t want to take medication anymore, don’t abruptly stop. You’ll want to come up with a tapering schedule with your doctor so you can wean yourself off the medication slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms. I was very patient with tapering off of lithium over the course of several months and did not experience any withdrawal effects.

Now, getting into one of my preferred theories about the causation of bipolar disorder, it’s helpful to understand the basic idea of what bipolar disorder is. Quite simply, bipolar disorder is the label we apply to someone who experiences drastic mood fluctuations, usually from “mania” and euphoria to debilitating depression and suicidal ideation. These mood swings are much more than “I felt great yesterday, but now I’m a little moody.” Nah, it’s way more severe and extreme than that. It’s not something that should be downplayed. It can be absolutely horrible for someone who has recurring manic-depressive episodes that continuously strike without warning. I experienced those ups and downs for three years and started feeling really helpless and uncertain about how I would ever live a normal life. If you’re dealing with this same issue, being on medication for a little while might be what you need to gain some stability. Once stability is achieved, you can start looking into other solutions because, let me tell you, the long-term consequences of taking medication for several years can be downright scary.

So, if bipolar disorder is basically characterized by mood instability, it seems reasonable to me to suspect that something about our life has become very imbalanced. I don’t mean just a chemical imbalance in the brain because chemical imbalances usually reveal a deeper, underlying issue that needs to be addressed. If you consider the basic tenet behind functional medicine, the food, medicines, substances, and toxins that enter our body affect all organs and systems, not just our stomach. To have a better understanding of mental illness, remember that your stomach and brain are intimately connected. Whatever you feed your stomach, you’re also feeding it to your brain. If you don’t think there’s any connection between the two, read this. When a substance enters our body, we can’t force it to go to only one part of our body. The human body is a large organized system, and within that large system, you’ll find many more organized, complex systems that affect one another. Systems, no matter how large or small, continuously interact with one another to keep the whole system functioning properly.

When something goes amiss with your health, particularly your mental health, consider how the affected system may be impaired by an entirely different system, such as your gastrointestinal or endocrine system. This really isn’t a revolutionary idea, but mainstream doctors fail to apply this knowledge when they formulate a treatment plan for their patients. They target the affected system only instead of looking at the big picture, which means most patients never discover the core problem that is contributing to their illness. Without discovering the deeper issue, the problem never goes away. That’s why doctors often say “there is no cure.” Dig a little deeper, and you’ll often find one.

From a nutritional perspective, there are several vitamins and supplements that can be very beneficial for treating bipolar disorder. One of the common supplements is omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and flaxseed. Lesser known supplements that have worked for some people include ashwagandha and borage oil. Because I think nutrition has played a significant role in my recovery from mood and digestive issues, I will soon make a detailed post about my diet and daily supplement routine. Just so you know, it’s not as simple as avoiding caffeine and taking a multivitamin. Sure, avoiding caffeine helps, but I once made the mistake of assuming I could avoid a few unhealthy things and still be in good health. As the years went by, I eventually exposed myself to some disturbing truths about the food industry and totally transformed my views on what is and isn’t healthy. My diet is radically different now compared to what I ate when I was 20.

Besides nutritional influences, there are some other interesting theories I’ve come across that attempt to explain the cause of bipolar disorder. Some people view bipolar disorder as a spiritual emergency. Some people believe that bipolar disorder is a misdiagnosis for hormonal imbalances, such as adrenal fatigue or thyroid disorders. I can’t find the link now, but I remember reading about the idea that people who withdraw too much from others can have an aura that does not project much from the body, which results in manic behaviors. I even came across a really interesting theory that says that bipolar disorder is caused by a reversal of the chakra system. Another fascinating theory is that mental illness signals the birth of a healer. You may not buy into any of those theories, but I think it’s worth considering each one since we still don’t have the answers yet on what causes bipolar disorder. I also think there’s a lot of value in taking a holistic approach, so maybe it’s more helpful to understand how a combination of one’s nutrition, social support, and spiritual views can impact his/her emotional state.

Even if you don’t agree with some of the ideas expressed here, please question the popular and frequently accepted views that bipolar disorder is incurable and that medication is required to cope with it. It is so disempowering to hold such a view that you lack the ability to heal yourself. I’m here to tell you there may be better, healthier, more effective options for you if you’re suffering. Healing is possible, but it can only happen if you take matters into your own hands and stop trusting medical professionals as the only source of truth and knowledge. Countless people have successfully managed bipolar disorder through natural, holistic treatments, and I believe the same option is available to many others. Based on my experience with recovery, I genuinely believe there is a much better way than our currently flawed mental health system that essentially slaps band-aids on problems with medication instead of investigating the underlying issue.


Dream World Symbolism: A White Horse and a Bratty Child as My Ego

Most of my dreams are such a random mess that I don’t attempt to interpret many of them, but a few weeks ago, I had one of those dreams where the symbols and underlying message seemed too significant to ignore. I believe the dream relates to my spiritual awakening experience, so read on if you’re interested to hear more.

Around June 18th, I had an unusual dream involving a white horse and a young girl. I’m not sure who the girl was, but she was a very bratty child. From what I remember, it seemed that she was attempting to sabotage the relationship between her mother and the man whom her mother was seeing. I observed this child, appalled by her behavior. Fast forwarding a bit into the dream, we were walking through a large, grassy field and saw that a white horse had been chopped into pieces, and the body parts were scattered everywhere. (Sorry if you weren’t quite prepared for that mental imagery!) I immediately turned to the child, with a disapproving look on my face. I suspected that she was the one who had killed the horse and that it was all part of her plan to sabotage things for her mother. The little girl denied it, and a small part of me wasn’t completely confident that she was responsible, but I told the mother and her child that I didn’t know who else would do such a thing. That was the end of the dream.

Before sharing my interpretation, I found it interesting that during the three days immediately following that dream, it seemed like horses showed up everywhere. The day after the dream, I read an online article about ego death, and the author mentioned that her ankle had been fractured while riding a horse. In that same article, she later made a comparison between ego death and breaking horses. During that weekend while visiting my boyfriend at his place, I saw horses three more times on television. On VH1, the music video for “Secret Garden” by Bruce Springsteen came on, and there was a white horse in it. Then in an episode of Roseanne, David was drawing a picture of a horse and explained to Dan that it was more than just a picture of a horse. He said it represented power, movement, and freedom. Additionally, I saw a commercial with a white horse on a beach. If you watch enough television, you’ve probably seen that same commercial. I think I’ve seen it on YouTube once or twice. But anyway, it seems like maybe the universe was trying to show me just how significant my dream was through the variety of images and references to horses.

Now, let’s get into dream symbols. I first looked up the meaning of a white horse in a dream, and these were some of the interpretations that seem more applicable to my situation: “some type of awareness that is spiritual in nature,” “a meeting with expanded awareness of yourself,” “spiritual enlightenment,” “elevating your mood or spiritual aspirations,” and “developing awareness of your instincts and intuition.” Then, I looked into the interpretation of a dead horse and came across these interpretations: “serious loss of energy or motivation which could lead to illness or depression” and “an old and dying set of habits and motivations or way of life.” So basically, a white horse is symbolic of expanding spiritual awareness, and a dead horse represents loss of vitality or some kind of change or transition from old habits to new ones.

Here’s my interpretation of the dream: I view the bratty child as my ego. It throws a tantrum, like a child, and attempts to prevent me from connecting to my true self. Like the little girl who killed the white horse, my ego has a tendency to be destructive and tries to hinder my spiritual expansion and development. I also think the symbolic meaning of the dead horse is totally applicable to my current situation. As a result of experiencing a spiritual awakening and ego loss, my motivation has been seriously lacking for the past month. I’ve really not had much motivation for over a year now, but it seems to have gotten even worse lately. I’ve also been feeling increasingly more uncomfortable with the idea of not knowing who I am anymore or where I am supposed to go from here. So yes, there is definitely a transition here from the old into the new, but that transition is far from complete. Perhaps the scattered body parts of the horse could be a reflection of just how much my old identify has been broken apart, and now I will have to slowly put myself back together in some new arrangement.

Thank you for reading. If you have a slightly different interpretation or some insight to share about my dream, I would love to hear your ideas.