Should we try to help awaken others?

Depending upon where you are in your spiritual development, you may or may not agree that it is a good idea to help others awaken to consciousness and various truths about life and the universe. I’m still in the early stages of awakening and don’t have a clear-cut answer to this question just yet. After sharing my thoughts on the arguments that are for and against helping others awaken, I am interested in hearing your opinion on this matter.

Before getting into the discussion, it’s worth pointing out that some people have an issue with the term awakening, partly because it can imply different things. Some people hear the word awakening and think of spirituality, sudden awareness of who we really are, connecting to a divine source or our higher self, dissolution of the ego, and becoming more aligned with love and our inner truth. For others, awakening means becoming part of the truth movement where we begin questioning the official, mainstream account of various events, such as 9/11, the moon landing, and the JFK assassination. Maybe there are other forms of awakening, but those two I mentioned seem to be the most popular.

Here in this post when I speak of awakening, I’m referring to both spiritual awakening and awakening to the conspiracy theories and lies we’ve been told in our history books, the news, the mainstream media, etc. I know not everyone who is spiritual is into conspiracy theories, and many conspiracy theorists do not consider themselves spiritual, but both types of awakening involve the act of searching for truth and realizing that old beliefs are no longer worth believing anymore.

Why it is unwise to help awaken others

Possibly the biggest issue with attempting to awaken others is that the ego is usually in overdrive when we feel driven to do this. Once we’ve caught a glimpse of the truth, the ego wants us to feel superior to others who don’t know or understand these things we now know. We are tempted to call ourselves awakened, as if we are suddenly the wisest, most brilliant being to walk the planet who has all the solutions and all the answers to life’s biggest questions. The truth is, there are probably very few people on this planet who are truly awakened. The majority of people are still sleeping and caught up in the illusion/dream, a smaller portion of us have started awakening, and maybe a teeny bit of people here right now are what some call enlightened or awakened. So basically, if we’re not truly awakened, are we in the proper position to act wise and all-knowing toward anyone?

Another issue with the ego is that it wants to create a sense of control. Instead of accepting the situation and each person as they are, no matter where they are on the spiritual path, the ego is in overdrive again when we think others are wrong and need to change. Instead of allowing each person to discover their true nature and deal with their problems in their own way, the ego often steps in and tries to adopt the role of a rescuer, as if people would be so lost without our help. What’s important to remember here is that we were once like those people whom we now judge as wrong, unawakened, lost, brainwashed, misinformed, misguided, etc. You began waking up when the timing was right, and back when you didn’t know quite as much as you know now, you were still worthy of love and respect. I think that’s important for us to remember when we start feeling frustrated and impatient with people’s current lack of awareness. I have days where I really struggle with this. Sometimes I feel both disturbed and impatient when I observe people who speak and act in ways that are not aligned with truth, and that’s when I really try to remind myself to be more compassionate and accept that their awakening will occur if and when it is meant to happen. If we can learn to surrender to what is, we will allow others to be as they are while we place the focus on our own awakening and development. If we want others to respect the path we’ve chosen, it’s only fair that we give others the freedom to be where they are.

Reasons we should help others awaken

Now that we’ve addressed a couple of the arguments against awakening others, I think it’s important to consider the perfectly valid reasons why some people try to spread awareness and raise the collective consciousness. Let’s get away from discussing the ego for a minute and try to face a few facts. I cannot find a reliable source that indicates the actual percentage of people who are awakening/awakened, but it is fair to say that we are in the minority right now. The number of people who are awakening is growing larger and larger each day, I imagine, as a result of easy access to an endless stream of information and ideas through the internet, but it doesn’t take an incredible amount of effort to see that many people are still caught in lies and illusions. We all are, to some degree, but I’m referring to the people who are very lost and completely unaware of how much they have been manipulated. While searching for an estimate of the number of people awakening right now, I read in a couple different sources that around 10% of North Americans are awakening. That number seems a little generous to me, but maybe that number is referring to those who’ve experienced some form of spiritual awakening rather than an awakening to the various forms of corruption and lies we’ve been told.

In an article titled The Ten Percent Factor, the author suggests that if 10% of the entire population awakens, we may be able to start a movement that will save humanity from the greedy globalists and their malevolent plans. He clearly believes that awakening others is an important task for us to accomplish as evidenced by the following statements:

“We need to begin a social epidemic designed to awaken the masses to the spiritual dangers that we face which will result in our eternal damnation. To this end, Malcom Gladwell states, “The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.” According to Gladwell, economists call this the 80/20 Principle, which is the idea that in any situation roughly 80% of the work will be done by 20% of the participants. These exceptional people are capable of starting epidemics. Those of you who are reading my words, and are awake, you are in the 20%. It is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.”

Though I understand the pitfalls and the ego’s pesky role in trying to awaken others, I agree with the author of that article. There are not nearly enough people who are aligned with love and truth right now or else we wouldn’t be facing half the problems we are right now or struggling in so many ways. Part of me thinks it is up to us awakening ones to spread as much truth as we can because there is so much deceit that has not been exposed yet. Then, to be honest, there’s another part of me that sometimes feels discouraged and disinterested in awakening others because people will not hear and accept the truth until they are ready. I can preach the truth to people day after day, but the message is not getting through until people are ready to hear it. If someone’s heart and mind are closed off, it will be a real challenge to reach them. But just because something is challenging, does that mean it is not worth trying?

One of the reasons I am not opposed to trying to awaken others is because some people have been very successful at helping me to awaken. Had they not spoken the truth and shared various ideas with me, it is likely that I would still be in a lot of ignorance right now. I didn’t accept every truth the first time I heard them, but after researching a random topic here and there, I slowly and gradually started accepting truths until I had two major awakenings. One small truth layered upon another over time eventually triggered something much greater within me. That slow process of awakening is possibly more realistic of how others can and will awaken, which is another one of the reasons why it is wise to refrain from getting discouraged when it appears that people are not listening to our messages. Maybe they are listening, but it is not yet time for them to accept it. For many people, it is not easy to notice all the methods of social conditioning and manipulation they have endured unless others repeatedly point it out to them. So perhaps if enough people keep speaking the same truth over and over, the message will eventually sink in for those who are listening.

The final verdict

After considering potential reasons to help awaken others versus reasons not to help awaken others, I am in favor of speaking the truth without any expectation of how people will receive that truth. I believe the truth should be expressed and shared with others often because many people are listening, and our words may be enough to reach those who are almost ready to awaken. I understand many people who have begun to awaken probably feel an urgency to share the truths they have learned because I felt that way, too, when I started researching a lot of the popular conspiracy theories, but it’s helpful to remember that an awakening does not usually occur overnight. People will accept truth only when they are ready, but this does not mean that we should lose faith or stop speaking our truth since some people are on the verge of awakening at this moment. Perhaps those are the ones we can most easily reach right now, and others will follow later when they are ready.

No matter what your version of the truth is right now, as long as it is intended to help people, to encourage them to question what they’ve been told their entire life, and to inspire positive changes for humanity and the planet, I believe your words are well worth hearing. There are simply not enough people questioning what is going on right now, and we definitely need more of those people if we would like to see the future of humanity head in a different direction. This is not meant to be a put-down, but many people are in such a state of ignorance about certain issues right now that they have become part of the problem without realizing it. They spend their money to support corporations and industries that they possibly would not support if they were aware of the corruption and hidden motives behind those corporations. Other people work in careers that help to support the status quo, and they may not care or realize it until they become aware of the role they are currently playing in helping to sustain problems.

Whether you want to take action or not is completely up to you, but I feel that once we begin awakening, part of our new role and responsibility is to help others see the possibility of a better way. Trying to help others awaken doesn’t have to be an ego motivation of trying to prove that we’re right and they’re wrong. Sharing our truth with others can be a selfless act in which we try to bring more hope into others’ lives and envision a brighter future for young people today. So, like I said earlier, don’t fret if people initially respond to your words with opposition and resistance. Our love, light, and truth can be received by those who are ready to receive it, and their expanded awareness might have a positive impact on the people they encounter, and that truth and awareness can possibly carry on to greater numbers of people through a ripple effect. So even if you are unable to notice it right now, expressing yourself and your truth openly with others may end up having a profound effect on others that you never anticipated happening.

You are free to your opinion on this matter, but I believe we all should keep spreading our truth and shining our beautiful light. It could be received by someone today or tomorrow and change their life forever or, at the very least, make their life a little easier or more fulfilling. Even if it’s only one person, isn’t it worth it? I’m not sure that I’ve changed anyone’s life yet as a result of my awakening, but I know that some people have heard my truths and have made changes in their lives after gaining this knowledge. That is motivation enough for me to keep speaking the truth.



2 thoughts on “Should we try to help awaken others?

  1. Hi! I am a Lightworker and IAM (I think pretty darn awake and quite Spiritually knowledgable. I agree with just about everything you said. To “awaken” or not to “”awaken” to happy and joyous and feeling Spiritual, to ego running amok to feeling alone or burnt out or both.

    I think those are stages that the majority have or will go through.
    You may have seen the videos, “Lonely Are The Starseeds” 7 minute or Pleiadian version, or “So I’m A Starseed Now What?” Or any other videos posted on the youtube channel and created by Mistyrious1111. IAm Mistyrious1111. When I discovered who I was, first when some ad for some Indigo site popped up so frequently it was obvious I was meant to click on it, I had all 25 traits! I cried because I realized for the first time in my life that I wasn’t a piece of shit, that it was them aka society. Then I looked around for the hidden camera show because who the hell knew me better than I did!? A month later i learned of the Starseeds and I had 97 of 100 traits!

    I wanted to make a Starseed video in the hopes of making at least just one person realize they were not a piece of shit, that there was NOTHING wrong with them. A beautiful life changing explanation for being different.

    I became obsessed making these videos . I think I made 18 in a year and a half or so. I created Social Network for Starseeds and ended up with over 800 members. I spent entire days reading and replying to beautiful, heart felt emails from people thanking me for my work. For “saving” them. I put hours sometimes into just one email from someone wanting more info and advice. I had beautiful comments after my videos too. But also hate mail….

    All hate mail came from Christians. And that’s when Ego would come raising it’s ugly head to argue and be “right”. I started to get frustrated not so much because of that, but because I’d spend hours replying giving someone the right info and advice to their questions and problems only to never hear back from them again. Not even a thank you or I’ll try your advice or that it worked or didn’t work. It was hard sometimes to not be acknowledged or given “kudos.” But oy sometimes did I feel that way.

    I did begin however, to start feeling like a fraud. All these people thought I had it all. Looks, talent for making videos, kind, caring, empathic. A perfect Spiritual teacher with a perfect life. But I was in an EXTREMELY toxic and abusive relationship the whole time. Add doing meth to escape to the equation. Who was I to be giving all this info and advice when I couldn’t even save myself? And then it happened.

    Two years ago my boyfriend punched me in the side breaking 3 ribs which punctured a whole in my lung requiring immediate surgery and told “you could die.” Laying in that hospital bed, in pain and mentally hurting more, I realized I had been so busy “saving the world,” I was escaping the responsibility, and the hard work it was going to entail to save myself. I let the social network go, I stopped reading and replying to emails and I even stopped reading any comments to my videos. I stopped engaging with my YouTube channel and Starseed network entirely.

    The last two years have been extremely difficult but then what Indigo/Starseed isn’t usd to having a traumatic dramatic life with one shit storm after the other?

    But for the first time in my life, I love ME unconditionally, faults and all. I know who I am and where I am going. I have forgiven myself and ALL others for pain caused real or perceived. I know what I deserve and what I do not deserve. I no longer have a victim mentality because I am not a victim, I am a SURVIVOR! Never again will I accept anything less than 100% respect from ANYONE. I am still single and I am not lonely.

    Will I go back now to “awakening” others and “saving the world?”

    YES! But this time in a different manner. I have already given the information, the tools to create a better life through the videos I’ve ready made. I have fulfilled that part of my mission . To give Light which is information. Im not here to hold anyones hand or convince them what or who they are. I gave info, what and why it is TRUTH to me, what they decide to do with the information is up to them..

    I’m still a Lightworker. I cant tell you my next mission exactly. Im not entirely sure. But I can tell you whatever it is, I will be leading from example. It will be authentic and without Ego..

    Thank you for reading and for your blog.

    Light and Love

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    • Hi Misty, thank you for sharing your experience here. I will certainly check out your youtube channel. I’ve read a little about starseeds and am so eager lately to learn more because I also have a lot of starseed traits. I know what it’s like to feel a little too different from the majority…like I am not fit to integrate into this strange, dysfunctional society here. It is extremely tough sometimes! I am so glad to hear you are not struggling with loneliness right now. I believe most starseeds feel overly isolated sometimes, but it’s always encouraging when someone says they are no longer bothered much by it….It does seem that starseed souls have plenty of traumatic experiences. Sounds like you’ve had a really rough go of things lately! You’re learning crucial lessons, so that is beautiful and always much more ideal than letting disappointment turn you sour. You’re strong, and I know you know it….I do not think you have to be perfect or free from issues in your personal life to reach out and help others. It sounds like you helped provide a place of knowledge and connection through your videos & website, despite the challenges you faced in your personal life during that time. I am sure that the healing you have recently undergone will be beneficial when you embark on your next mission, but something tells me you’ve managed to help a lot already. The one thing I will say about pursuing a mission is that whenever you feel love and passion overflowing from you while doing it, that is when you know the ego isn’t running the show. I imagine you’ve probably heard of Dolores Cannon. She said some souls spend so much time worrying about their purpose here when their purpose is simply to put out good energy everywhere they go, which will have a positive effect on others who come into contact with them. Perhaps that is something we can focus on doing during times of uncertainty and preparation for the next big step…Thanks again for taking the time to comment 🙂 By sharing our stories, it helps others know they aren’t the only ones.


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